Does the New York Times have a guilty conscience?

Just days after printing news that is sure to get a lot of Venezuelans tortured and killed by their regime, the New York Times is now trying to justify its irresponsible coverage by piously lecturing President Trump on avoiding coup d'état, something he never got involved in.  Anyone here smell a guilty conscience? Starting out with a scolding headline, the Times editorial begins with "Stay Out of Venezuela, Mr. Trump" and continues with this: America shouldn't be in the coup business.  Period. It's a relief, then, to learn that the Trump administration chose not to aid rebellious leaders in Venezuela seeking to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro.  But it's worrisome to think that President Trump and his advisers made the right call for the wrong reason – lack of confidence in the plotters to succeed in a risky operation rather than principled concern about intervention. It goes on to...(Read Full Post)
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