Democrats moving the goalposts on Kavanaugh, again and again

The latest on the Supreme Court confirmation saga of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a doozy, according to this headline from the Washington Post: "Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault wants FBI to investigate incident before she testifies to Senate."

That's because it represents yet another effort to move the goalposts in wrapping up this nomination for the Supreme Court.  They've done that a lot, something like four times.  None of us is dumb.  We all know that the Democrats' plan is to run out the clock on the nomination and hope the Senate shifts to the Democrats at the midterms to ensure that only a leftist can be seated on the high court.  If that means ruining an innocent man's life with an unprovable charge, well, that's something the left's comfortable with, because Kavanaugh is a Republican, and not just any Republican, but the worst kind in their books: a Trump nominee.

Small wonder that even the GOP moderates with no love for Trump, such as Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, are starting to catch on to this Lucy-pull-the-football maneuver and are getting sick of it.

We have come a long way around the bend with this charge, and the goalposts are still moving around.  We haven't even been at this a week, and have seen something like four or five shifts in getting the confirmation off the ground.

Last weekend, it started with an anonymous letter, bearing a bad charge of groping abuse against Kavanaugh dating back 37 years, when he was a teenager.  It was a completely unprovable allegation, given that no one knew who this was, and delivered with suspect political timing, given that the hearings had already ended, hearings that were there for any dissenters to air their differences.

An anonymous charge enough to sink a man with an exemplary life?  No, that didn't work.

So the goalposts were moved again, and Professor Christine Blasey Ford came forward, leveling her charges with a name attached.  It still was unprovable, though, given that the accuser subsequently admitted she had no idea where it took place, when it happened, or how she got home.  We were just supposed to take her word for it over that of dozens of women and classmates who came forward to say nothing like that ever happened, given their knowledge of Kavanaugh's character and their actual experience with the man.  For good measure, Ford's lefty attorney said it was not her job to corroborate the charges; she was just there to make them, and by golly, she insisted she be believed, well, because she is a woman.

Republicans, bending over backward without needing to because the hearings had been closed, offered Ford a soapbox to air her claims anyway.  Instead of doing that, as if the charges had merit, she balked, falsely claiming that Republicans wanted to seat her at a table with the man she is accusing (and whose life she wants ruined), which would have been within their right, as defendants have the right to confront their accusers in court, but they didn't.  Yet she falsely claimed they did, and so, being so delicate and all, she refused to come to the hearing.  Yet she still wanted them to believe her side of the story and sink the Kavanaugh nomination.  At about this point, even the moderate Republicans started to get the creeps.

Then it got worse: the latest news is that Ford wants a full FBI investigation of the matter, despite it not being the sort of case in the bureau's jurisdiction, nor does the FBI have much expertise in investigating teen parties held 37 years ago at places uncertain, anyway.  The bureau actually declined to get involved earlier.  But Ford said it had to happen or she wouldn't testify.  Yet still, she expected us to believe her charges, even as the GOP bent over backward to accommodate her, and she threw it in their faces.

Does this sound like a credible case, or does it sound like a partisan delaying tactic?  The constant demands for cosseting, combined with the constant refusal to be scrutinized as normal accusers are in a court of law, pretty much show that Ford is hiding something yet thinks she should get a free pass.  If she has a case against Kavanaugh, she should come forward and let the chips fall where they may.  Since she's not, maybe this is getting clear to everyone that this isn't a story about a groping; it's just about a goal.  With the goal elusive, the goalposts are moving.

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