Democrats disgrace themselves in day one of Kavanaugh hearings

The spectacle of the Kavanaugh hearing Tuesday morning was a circus, planned and orchestrated by the usual suspects: Senators Durbin, Schumer, Blumenthal, Booker, Klobuchar, Harris (particularly ill behaved), Feinstein, Hirono, etc.  Like seventh-graders planning to bully the nerdy kid, they were probably gleeful as they schemed to disrupt the proceedings by interrupting relentlessly.

And then there were the shrieking protesters.  It is hard to imagine sane people behaving like that in public, let alone in the halls of Congress and during judicial hearings.  Still, for all the rudeness and disrespect, it was a wonderful thing to see.  The American people, those who watched, cannot help but realize that the Democrats are the party of immaturity, of sheer childishness.  Throwing tantrums is their best thing.

Those who lectured and moralized the most are those least qualified to do so.  Kamala Harris slept her way into California politics with Willie Brown.  Cory Booker has imaginary friends he uses and abuses.  When he speaks, it is pure blather.  He makes no sense.  Richard Blumenthal lied about having served in Vietnam.  These are self-unaware people.  They clearly have an exaggerated sense of their own intellectual capacity.  And they don't listen.

The Republicans who spoke, on the other hand, some of them, were spectacular – Senators Cruz, Lee, Sasse, and Graham especially.  It is easy to see not only who reveres the Constitution, but who has actually read it.

It was obvious that the noisiest Democrat senators are not at all familiar with our founding document as are the Republicans.  A while back, Sen. Hirono of Hawaii was baffled by the fact that the operative word in the phrase "illegal immigration" is "illegal."  She refused to meet with Kavanaugh because of Michael Cohen's plea deal!  How's that for confused thinking?  It is a safe bet she has never read or studied the Constitution.  Sen. Kloubachar apparently thinks the public is so uninformed that she can stick to the Trump-colluded-with-Russia hoax when there are mountains of evidence that it was the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA who committed countless crimes to that end, to steal the election for Hillary.  That Trump won despite their prodigious efforts to derail him is miraculous.

Sen. Grassley was taken aback by the rudeness and screaming.  Why those people, each of whom had to be invited by a member of the committee, were not removed and arrested within five seconds of their outbursts is a mystery.  They were allowed to impede the hearing for far too long.  The whole thing had the feel of a reality TV setup, and a setup it was.  It was an embarrassing display of incivility on the part of the Democrats present.  They were all in on the ill conceived strategy play and so proud of their sophomoric selves.

In the end, they did those paying attention a favor.  There can no longer be any doubt that the Democratic Party of today has moved to the far, far left.  Democrats appear to loathe the country that has given them so much in the way of wealth and power.  They really hate the half of the country that supports Trump, and they are loath to admit that Trump's support is growing.  The more they act like crazed lunatics, the more people will continue to walk away from the party, and they are walking away.  The more good Trump accomplishes re: the economy, national security, rebuilding the military, the more the left amps up its farcical attacks on our outsider president.  He must be doing something right.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  It is sure to be infuriating.  The left never learns from its mistakes in its craven pandering to its deranged base.  Those who were so rude yesterday are bound to be even ruder today.  They will each have thirty minutes to grill Kavanaugh!  The man sat through all that nonsense yesterday; he will likely be prepared for the lunacy of the left he will face today.

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