Democrats ask for the FBI and now they’d better be prepared for the consequences

Over the next week the FBI will collect evidence and report back to the Senate what they could find out about in any discrepancies in the testimony of both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford.

In the course of their hurry-up full field effort very interesting heretofore hidden information previously posted on social media sites will be captured and reviewed.

Additionally any electronic information (e-mails) discussing how to orchestrate such a shameful last minute attacks to destroy a human being will be reviewed and analyzed. There can be no compromise on that point thanks to Senator Graham’s historic moment: 

GRAHAM: If you wanted a FBI investigation, you could have come to us. What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. You've said that, not me. 

America will live through this week long FBI  “sprint” trying to  shed as much light on the most infamous “He said/She” said moment in American history.

It was commendable that Judge Kavanaugh furnished all the documents that he could, including his summer of ‘82 contemporaneous personal calendars. His submission was then used against him by a US Senator apparently making it up as he was going along.  Bryn York reports in the Washington Examiner:

 On Friday morning, after Thursday's testimony, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse produced an enlarged poster of the calendar entry and laid out the Democratic theory.

 Reporter York then put the calendar entries in his article while naming names:

Examining the calendars from the summer of 1982 that Kavanaugh gave the committee days earlier, they focused on an entry for July 1, 1982 — 36 years and three months ago…

Most notably, if the July 1 party were the event at which Ford claims she was assaulted, what about Timmy, Tom, Bernie, and Squi? They are, respectively, Kavanaugh high school friends Tim Gaudette, Tom Kane, Bernie McCarthy, and Chris Garrett. What might they know about what took place?

If the July 1 party were the event in question, the presence of Garrett would be especially noteworthy. In her testimony, Ford said she was going out with Garrett at that time in the summer of 1982. Today, she remembers him well.

America is now living the moment that the Democrats strived for, because with the FBI involved, the awesome power of computer forensic tools of our 21st Century Surveillance  State will  become engaged.  

Breaking down that day in July is not the point of this article, though it should  and probably will be looked into. The real point is Judge Kavanaugh’s calendar is now part of the investigation. But turnabout is fair play: what about all  the earlier reported erased social media accounts  of  Christine Ford?

Since she initially posted, and now disappeared, information on her social media accounts, she should have no expectation of privacy, and likewise with any earlier biographical information she posted about her professional tittles.

More than a few of our elected officials have a very nasty character trait in that everyone is expendable in their keeping power.

Senators and Congressman are protected by the “Speech and Debate Clause” of the Constitution that gives protection for our elected Legislators to pretty much say anything that pops into their heads and remain judgment-proof. Everyone else who is not an elected representative is expendable and may face significant legal peril if they lied to the Senate or furnished false information.

This is not an abstract debating point because Chairman Grassley recently fired a momentous legal shot against anyone who lied to his Senate Committee:, via The Washington Times:

“Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statements to congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct committee investigations,” Mr. Grassley wrote in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray.

The vicious enemies of Judge Kavanaugh got what they asked for, now the FBI is involved, and it is time for sunlight, transparency, and possible legal payback.

Many commentators speculate that after the FBI finishes their week-long investigation, Americans will not know any more than they did after the Hearing. I bet that is true for Judge Kavanaugh: his words personified “the truth is the truth” However, for many of his nasty enemies in one of the ugliest conspiracies in American history, their day of reckoning may be fast approaching.

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