Cries of 'racism!' over newspaper editorial cartoon mocking Serena Williams's tantrum

I came to the conclusion decades ago that the cartoonist's artistic device of caricature was virtually off limits when it comes African-Americans and other victim groups as designated by the left.  Caricature seizes on some recognizable physical characteristics of appearance and exaggerates them, and nothing may ever be exaggerated and mocked when it comes to official victim groups, even when the specific individual is wealthy and successful beyond the dreams of ordinary mortals. I was right. In fact, it seems that American cartoonists understand this point better than I do, which is why the first kerfuffle over depiction of Serena Williams's on court meltdown after losing a big tennis match comes from tennis-mad Australia. Mark Knight is the editorial cartoonist for Melbourne, Australia's Herald Sun.  The cartoon in question is copyrighted material and doesn't even appear in articles supporting Knight in  in other Aussie...(Read Full Post)
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