Congress looks to force Trump's hand on government shutdown threats

Congressional leaders announced yesterday that they had reached a bipartisan deal on the budget that would fund most of the government for the year while including a continuing resolution to fund the rest of federal programs through December 7. The fiscal year ends September 30, and unless Trump signs the bills, the government will begin shutting down. Politico: Capitol Hill leaders on Thursday announced a mammoth fiscal 2019 spending deal that achieves one of the Trump administration's top priorities – the Pentagon's first on-time spending bill since 2008.  But there's a catch. The same package also funds some of the government's most sprawling agencies at levels that are billions of dollars more than Trump requested.  And if Trump refuses to sign it, much of the government, including parts of the Pentagon, would shutter. "You effectively shut down the whole government," Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a senior...(Read Full Post)
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