Compare and contrast Kavanaugh's and Ford's testimonies

Overcoming her fear of flying for oh, the several hundredth time, overcoming her terror of speaking  about her alleged assault supposedly by then-high school student Brett Kavanaugh – "I am here today not because I want to be.  I am terrified." – Dr. (in psychology) Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., quiveringly answering their questions as best she could.  

Her terrified best was riddled with several significant gaps.  Though she had several weeks to prepare to relate an incident that occurred 36 years ago and supposedly deeply affected her to this day, she couldn't definitively reply to the most fundamental questions about the alleged incident, such as how she arrived at the party, where it supposedly happened, how she got home, or who even paid for her questionable polygraph (lie-detector) test.  As Doris O'Brien observed here a few days ago, "Prof. Ford Flunks as a Female Role Model."


Compare and contrast her behavior in front of the committee with that of the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Although unexpectedly and surprisingly smacked with career-killing, family-, friend-, and colleague-killing charges a week and a half ago, Kavanaugh refused to wallow in victimhood, as Ford has.  He gathered his evidence and prepared to answer questions from the committee.  Speaking passionately and eloquently in his own defense, displaying emotion when mentioning his ten-year-old daughter's prayers for Ford's well-being, Kavanaugh replied forcefully and factually.

Granted, testifying and speaking before adults is essential for lawyers and judges, so Kavanaugh presumably benefited from years of experience.  However, Ford is a professor and should also be accustomed to public speaking.  And she was the accuser, he the surprised accused.  But, but, but...this indicates that Kavanaugh is an example of toxic masculinity, especially the malevolent type prevalent at the elite school that Kavanaugh attended so he would be confident, while females at elite schools such as Ford's alma mater must endure the toxicity, according to some.

Uh, no!  The sex-neutral conclusion in this instance is that Judge Kavanaugh passes with honors as an adult role model.  Ford flunks.

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