Blumenthal, Whitehouse, Harris, and Booker, the four horsemen of the Democrat apocalypse

The Senate Kavanaugh hearings have been instructive, to say the least.  The four names above were the most tellingly obnoxious Democrats at the event, the worst offenders.  To name the others would be redundant. The Democratic Party's left – what amounts to a far left these days – cares about nothing beyond ending the Trump presidency, by any means necessary.  These people have sold their souls to accomplish this feat.  That was on display for all to see these past few days.  They set out to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh with all sorts of accusations, innuendo, and insults, but they didn't lay a hand on him, not one of them, no matter how malicious their interrogation. Not one of these Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee showed the judge an iota of respect.  They did expose for all to see their contempt for the president and all things conservative.  They apply very different rules...(Read Full Post)
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