American media ignore a significant geostrategic victory over China

A quiet victory was just won in the South Pacific, but our media were too busy covering the putative bravery of Spartacus of Newark to even notice.  Amid all the hype over Russia's supposed threats to our global standing, China, with almost eight times the GDP of Russia, is aggressively building the wherewithal to challenge America as the dominant power in the Pacific. Our political, academic, and media elites, many of them recipients of Chinese financial largesse, remain relatively silent about this challenge, but our allies on China's side of the Pacific tend to treat the threat of China's rising power profile as a more serious issue.  For reasons of immediate self-preservation. Thus, this news, reported in the Australian media, has been pretty much ignored here.  Primrose Reardon of The Australian reports: Australia successfully blocked China from funding a major ­regional military base in Fiji, a move...(Read Full Post)
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