A lawyer by any other name....

An AP headline reads, "AP sources: Lawyer was told Russia had 'Trump over a barrel.'"

Going to the article, you immediately wonder how many lawyers named Bruce Ohr there are in Washington.  After all, the photograph that accompanies the article looks just like the Bruce Ohr we've been reading about.  You know, the Bruce Ohr who was, or is, the No. 4 crook man in the DoJ.

This kind of headline leads one to imagine all sorts of possibilities.  "Businessman calls woman crooked."  "Former Marine officer expresses interest in man's electoral past."  "Attorney fired from No. 2 position in government agency one day before retiring."

There's sports.  "Large black man gets big bucks to play game."  "Guy with club breaks windows by hitting leathery circular objects through them."  "Fellow hits hard round rock 200 yards into tiny hole – film at 11:00."

What if police activity were reported this way?  "Sharp noises followed by people collapsing with holes in chests."  "Shawshank resident lets himself out through opening in wall."

You scratch your head at the press playing such a game.  Do these people think readers don't know who Bruce Ohr is, or his role in the headlines about DoJ malfeasance? or that no one follows the never-ending story of the American coup, the one that involves this selfsame lawyer named Bruce Ohr?  Feature the headline about the Second Coming: "Planes grounded as guy in shining white takes up all the sky space."

The left gets loonier with each passing day.

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