Why I am having second thoughts about the death penalty

Let’s examine the issue about whether, as limited government, conservatives, and libertarians, we trust the government to execute a person. 

Pope Francis stated that the death penalty is unacceptable. This has caused discussion and argument from supporters and opponents of the death penalty.

But let's put aside Pope Francis's opinion, or anybody else's opinion about the death penalty, so we don't conflate what we think about the death penalty with the Pope or anyone else. 

There are of course many crimes for which the death penalty seems appropriate. But the problem is that we have a justice system run by imperfect men. It cannot be helped because we are imperfect.

I was in favor of the death penalty until the past two years after watching the corrupt Obama FBI/DOJ trying to prevent the election of Trump and now trying to weaken and force him out of office.  The power wielded by the corrupt Obama Gang brought to focus the power of corrupt prosecutors and police.  The Obama gang lied and used false information to obtain FISA warrants.  They coerced and tricked General Flynn, a decorated war hero, into a perjury plea.  The Obama gang showed no hesitancy to go after the President for political purposes because they favored the election of Hillary.

Now they are prosecuting Paul Manafort on charges from conduct in 2005 using the testimony of Rick Gates, who is charged with essentially the same crimes as Manafort. Mueller wants to convict Manafort because he was Trump’s campaign manager, just like Genera Flynn worked for Trump.  Gates gets a favorable plea deal because the Mueller team of Obama/Hillary prosecutors want to nail Trump supporters.  The Obama Gang has been trying to undo the election of President Trump

One can ask, “What does the “Russia” investigation have to do with the death penalty?”  The answer is that prosecutors and police decide which case gets the death penalty.  While most prosecutors and police that I have dealt with are honorable, the conduct of the corrupt Obama DOJ and FBI should make everyone think about the power of corrupt police and prosecutors, exemplified by the Obama Gang.  For example, on a local level, remember the Duke lacrosse team case where a political District Attorney filed rape charges against innocent students?

Or, the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas judge in Luzerne County who sent over 2,000 minors to private prisons in return for cash?

Or, on the federal level, in 1965 the Boston FBI allowed four men to be convicted of murder when it knew they were innocent.  Three were on death row until the Supreme Court vacated their death penalty but spent about 30 years in prison. The US paid damages of over 100 million for their convictions.

Moreover, there is no question that we have executed innocent people.  The Innocence Project founded by Attorney Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck in 1992 has freed 358 with DNA testing.  Most importantly twenty (20) were on death row.

If we reason by inference from these facts, it is obvious that before 1992 when DNA testing was first used by the Project, innocent people were executed.

The corruption of the “Russia” investigation by the Obama FBI/DOJ has affected the way we view the police and prosecutors.

Do you want prosecutors and police such as Strzok,  McCabe, Ohr, Comey, and Mueller's team to decide who gets the death penalty?

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