Watch as ex-CIA analyst falls victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome, goes berserk on CNN

We now have a visual depiction of the onset of a Trump Derangement Syndrome episode, causing a presumably serious person to lose self-control.  If the psychology and psychiatry professions were not so politicized and left-wing, it could be useful documentary evidence for DSM-6 to include TDS as a recognized diagnosis.  Friday, on Anderson Cooper's CNN show AC 360º (with substitute host Jim Sciutto), ex-CIA executive Phil Mudd reacted badly to the charge from fellow panelist Paris Dennard that "courtesy" security clearances for former national security officials enable them to cash in. The video below is worth watching for its 1 minute and 43 seconds of TDS building into a full blown breakdown.  You can actually see the fury building in Mudd's face, and he ends up using profanity, the S-word, and ordering his antagonist to "get out" in a series of screen grabs I clipped: Here is the...(Read Full Post)