#WalkAway: Why every conservative and anti-progressive should support it

Recently, a New York hairdresser produced a compelling video in which he forcefully and articulately states his wake-up call regarding the tactics and goals of the regressive left.  He urges his followers to wake up and realize the left's antics and to "walk away."  For those who have not yet viewed it, it is well worth the four minutes or so it takes to do so.

The author himself is gay.  He also is a practicing Roman Catholic.  While he understands entirely the arguments that generally appear on the right regarding the nature of homosexuality and the question of how it should be received in the public sphere, he vehemently feels that it is time for the right, and conservatism more broadly, to realize there is a golden opportunity to make allies with a natural constituency.  While the current gay rights movement has been hijacked and perverted by the radical left, the traditional origins of the movement (whether it has known it or not) have articulated conservatism.  We are regular people.  We want good-paying jobs, we want security in our homes, and we believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, or skin color.  What one witnesses in pride parades, the author can assure you, is by no means a normal representation of the average gay person.  It is important to note that the average gay in fact does not identify with the modern "rights movement."

This is where #WalkAway comes in.  The left knows that by placing on display the fringe elements of the gay rights movement, it will keep a wall of division between the movement and conservatism.  If conservatives can openly and wholeheartedly embrace their gay brothers and sisters, realizing this smart trick of the left, they will deal a death blow to the left.  The author personally can attest to converting countless friends to our side.  Who were once dyed-in-the-wool liberals are now waking up to the vile scam the left has perpetrated.  Are gays victims?  Yes, lots of gays are victims of a twisted, disgusting, warped, regressive ideology that has consigned them to permanent grievance status and has instilled in them a hopelessness that seems insurmountable.  Too often, they have been met with skepticism by those on the right and, at times, open hostility.  A more open, tolerant, accepting conservatism can pave the way for gays to leave the plantation to which the left has consigned them and can open their eyes to the self-evident truths conservatism helps man to visualize and realize in his life.

As stated, the author understands cultural arguments about the acceptance of homosexuality and does not seek to undermine those who are morally opposed to concepts such as gay marriage.  In fact, the author also opposes gay marriage.  But, at this point in her history, America needs every ally she can muster.  It's time for the right and for conservatism to fully and unapologetically embrace #WalkAway and work to destroy the regressive left – before it destroys us and our nation we so dearly love.

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