Violence in Chicago raises serious questions about police reform plan

Editor Lifson covered the incredible weekend violence in Chicago earlier.  Unfortunately, Lifson's report on the numbers – 4 dead, 40 wounded – was slightly premature. The final tally from the weekend includes 10 dead Chicagoans and 53 wounded.  Area hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties.  Somehow, "war zone" doesn't quite describe the carnage. The epidemic of violence raises serious questions about the court-ordered police reform plan that was hashed out at the state and local levels by politicians and community groups – including the ACLU and Black Lives Matter. With those two groups involved, you can imagine the nightmare that awaits both residents and police officers.  The plan virtually disarms police, allowing them to make fewer arrests and let a lot of crime slide. Chicago Tribune: A coalition of civil rights organizations suing the city, including Black Lives Matter Chicago,...(Read Full Post)