Transvestites monkeying up US Navy

The Navy Times had a propaganda article yesterday featuring a sailor who likes to get dressed up as a woman and "perform" for the troops.  Why is this newsworthy?  It's all part of the liberal propaganda effort to increase acceptance of the so-called "transgendered."

This is sick brainwashing of the worst kind.

Years before he became a yeoman 3rd class in the United States Navy, Joshua Kelley was entertaining exuberant crowds under his drag name, "Harpy Daniels."

The 24-year-old Berwick, Pennsylvania native, who currently serves as an administrative supervisor aboard the forward-deployed aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, brought Harpy along for the ride when he decided to join the Navy in February 2016[.]

I think he should have left Harpy in the closet.

"With drag being my number one passion, it [dressing up as a woman] quickly became costly," he said.  "On top of just struggling to make ends meet and then pay college loans, the Navy became a great option to get myself situated in life."

The Navy is subsidizing perversion.

Within his first year in the Navy, Kelley ... became the public affairs officer for the carrier Reagan's Gay, Lesbian and Supporting Sailors association[.]

Did you ever think you'd see the words "Reagan" and "Gay, Lesbian and Supporting Sailors association" in the same sentence?  Now that homosexuals can serve openly in the military, they have formed their own associations to promote homosexuality in the service.  Next to the priesthood, it's probably the best way to meet a lot of men in confined quarters.

Kelly says his father was "confused" at first when he dressed up as a woman, but now, after seeing him perform, he cries "tears of joy."

Kelley, who was named the pageant queen in 2015's Miss Gay Harrisburg, continues to find joy in performing drag and as a sailor aboard the Reagan. 

Our popular culture has been infused with perversion, and now so has the military – so much so that this insanity is promoted by "The Navy Times."  I just hope that while sailors are making out and trying on tutus, they are still ready to do the other function of the military – you know, war-fighting.

Ed Straker is the senior editor of the Newsmachete Twitter Feed.

Image: toynetone via Flickr.

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