Transgendered Dem nominee for Vermont governor is an anti-Christian bigot

Democrat primary voters in Vermont have a handed a turnout-driver for Republicans nationwide by nominating Christine Hallquist, a man who pretends he is a woman (known for the moment as a "transgender woman") for governor.  The reason has nothing to do with voters' bigotry against people who pretend to be the other sex.  Rather, it is all about her (his? zir's?  Hallquist has yet to instruct us on which personal pronouns we are to use) bigotry toward Christians. Deidre Reilly of LifeZette presents the evidence that a couple of days' worth of digging has uncovered: CNN screen grab. "And we worry about sharia law!!" Hallquist tweeted last summer, with a link to an article from "LGBTQ Nation" about a girl who was disqualified from a soccer team because she looked like a boy. "Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape, and we tolerate it." There are other...(Read Full Post)