The seven stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Donald Trump's election in 2016 upset the Washington, D.C. apple cart – bigly!  Not only were his detractors, critics, and opponents adversely triggered by the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton, but they continue to wallow miserably in the Seven Stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  And unlike the seven stages of grief, the ill effected show no signs of recovery or acceptance.

The first stage: Shock and Disbelief.  Who can forget the graphic images of Hillary supporters crying, wailing, and curled up in the fetal position?  The anguish was palpable as the media broadcast historic news: the anointed queen was defeated, and a most unlikely usurper was basking in the limelight.  It was unimaginable, and yet Donald Trump pulled it off.  He would be the next president of the United States, not the woman who pundits and pollsters predicted would easily win the election.  The media scoffed at Michael Moore when he hoisted a red flag, warning Democrats that Donald Trump could possibly walk away with the win.  Whoops!

The second stage: Denial.  In the weeks following the election, claims of ballot-tampering, demands for abandoning the Electoral College, nefarious Russian brainwashing, and calls for a national recount were made by all of the usual aggrieved parties.  Green Party candidate Jill Stein managed to get a recount in Michigan, only to discover overwhelming and undeniable existence of voter fraud.  To no one's surprise, the recount ended abruptly.  Even poor, beleaguered Hillary had a hard time uttering the words "I lost."  Unable or unwilling to address her supporters the night of her defeat, she opted in favor of a "sobered up, day after" presser, followed by her book, aptly titled What Happened.  Then the Tour of Blame began.

The third stage: Anger and Rage.  TDS-sufferers, at least those who have maneuvered past denial, have succumbed to anger, hate, and rage.  Despite President Trump's success at turning around a stagnant economy, exploding job growth numbers, revamping disastrous foreign trade policies, tax cuts, and the growing favorability among minority groups, the media's unabashed and negative vitriol is relentless.  Phillip Mudd's public meltdown on CNN is alarming and concerning, especially when you consider that Mr. Mudd is a former CIA analyst.  In the same vein, John Brennan continues venting his spleen at every opportunity, whether on camera or via social media.  Keep in mind that both Brennan and Mudd are former CIA employees – people who are supposed to be unseen and unheard.  Whether it's the negative media nattering or calls for violence targeting White House staff, administration officials, and Republican politicians, the overt and disturbing frequency of unrestrained, seething rage won't end well.   

The fourth stage: Bargaining.  Not surprising: For liberals and those committed to a vicious leftist ideology, there is no bargaining, and there will be no negotiating.  It's a "burn it all to the ground" mentality.  It also explains why some moderate Democrats are walking away from their party – they recognize the enemy and want no part of it.  Coupled with the infighting among the old-guard Democrats and the rising tide of Marxist-socialist dreamers, the art of bargaining is lost.  

The fifth stage: Guilt.  There is no guilt whatsoever over behaving badly.  Nor are there any repercussions for being rude, crude, obnoxious, unseemly, mendacious, hateful, loathsome, insufferable, intolerable, abhorrent, despicable, offensive, or repugnant.  Threatening to harm the president, his wife, his kids, Cabinet appointees, and White House employees is par for the course.  Beating a Trump-supporter to a bloody pulp earns the perpetrator praise.  Public displays of vulgarity against the president are all too common, and when was the last time someone in Hollywood apologized for spewing Trump-related obscenities?  Once considered beyond the pale, jokes about injuring or killing President Trump are rarely denounced.  In fact, this type of humor is encouraged.

The sixth stage: Depression.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that permanently cures TDS and the accompanying depression.  If there were, the pharmaceutical company offering such a wonder drug would be rich beyond imagination.  

The seventh state: Acceptance.  Forgetaboutit.

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