The massive failure of Democratic Socialists in yesterday's primaries

If Democratic Socialists are "the future" of the Democratic party, they had better get used to losing – a lot. Every single candidate endorsed by celebrity Democratic Socialist politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was beaten by establishment Democrats in yesterday's primaries.  And not just beaten – they were, in most cases, slaughtered. The blood on the floor in Democratic precincts across the Midwest is Democratic Socialist blood.  American Mirror: Cortez held a whirl-wind tour of the U.S., stumping for Abdul El-Sayed for governor of Michigan, Fayrouz Saad in Michigan's 11th Congressional District, Cori Bush in Missouri's 1st District, and is backing Congressional candidate Kaniela Ing in Hawaii. El-Sayed lost his bid for the Democrat nomination for governor to 51.8 percent to 30.5 percent, according to numbers published by the New York Times. Saad came in fourth in the five-way race, capturing only 18...(Read Full Post)