The liberal media are the enemy of the rule of law and civil society

The liberal media are unused to anyone fighting back.  They feel that they should feel free to attack, defend, define, and distort as they see fit, because of the First Amendment, but they feel that anyone else exercising his First Amendment rights is "encouraging violence against the media."  What the media ignore is their own role in fomenting law-breaking and hatred. I. The media encourage violation of the law A. The liberal media are pushing for a quiet coup to get President Trump removed from office.  Right after President Trump made a few admittedly goofy comments in his summit with President Putin, many newspapers immediately labeled him a "traitor" and openly encouraged his Cabinet to resign to push him out of office.  The media constantly try to undermine the presidency by claiming that Trump is a traitor or a puppet, without a shred of evidence.  The media are seeking to undermine and remove a branch...(Read Full Post)