The left's enforcers: CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort jurors

Less than a week after making a stink about freedom of the press, President Trump, and "enemies of the people," CNN and apparently other news outlets have decided to get into the harassment business, given that reporting news is just not good enough for them. Seriously, they tried to do this: In a motion filed in federal court on Thursday, CNN and several other media outlets requested that the court release the names and home addresses of all jurors in the Paul Manafort fraud case.  Jurors have not yet rendered a verdict on any of the 18 charges against Manafort, who briefly served as President Donald Trump's campaign manager in 2016. The motion — filed on behalf of CNN, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, POLITICO, New York Times, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press — asks the court to provide to the media organizations the full names and home addresses of the men and women who were summoned and selected by the...(Read Full Post)