The Dems' big problem

It's Tuesday morning, and I know what my progressive neighbors down here in South Florida are doing this very moment.  They're fumbling crazily through the financial section of the paper or logging on to their computers to find out how much more they're worth today than yesterday.  With the market at an all-time high, their pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, and other market-based investments are soaring, but in the backs of their straight-edged, angled brains, they know they're not supposed to be happy.  They try as they may to erase the knowledge that it's Trump who has made them paper-rich beyond all dreams.  They were warned by such geniuses as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich that a Trump presidency would cause the sky and markets to fall, that our streets would be filled with wretched, smelly homeless, that we would be, by now, experiencing mind-blowing Grapes of Wrath-like poverty.  A Trump presidency?  Madness and mayhem would occur.  So look at the figures as of late August 2018.

The Dem leadership, who still put their tongues to the backs of peel-off postage stamps, geniuses like Hillary, Pocahontas, and Mad Maxine, know what's happening.  Their job is to keep touting the horrors facing us if their zombies don't take it to the streets and taunt the hated law enforcement Nazis to mow them down.  Remember: blood in the streets equates to more Democrat votes.  My neighbors know they are being coaxed, prodded, and pushed to vote into office the new breed of progressive, socialist Democrats.  They know deep inside that the likes of the know-nothing new Dem members of Congress, the kid from Queens, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Muslim radical Ashida Tlaib from Michigan, would spell financial disaster for them, but they have the required (D) after their names, and that's all they're supposed to consider.  But...and it's a big "but"...

The Dems, who not too many months ago touted Venezuela as the nation to emulate.  The Dems, who claimed that Trump's new tax plan only put peanuts in the working man's pockets.  The Dems, who claimed that Trump's taunting of North Korea's baby-faced leader would result in nuclear carnage.  The Dems, who prophesied that Trump's tariffs would doom our economy.  The Dems who put all their marbles on outing Trump's collusion with Russia...  What have they accomplished?  They are batting .000.

The crushing prosperity that followed Trump into office is killing the communist-Marxist-Progressive movement.  The new dominance of the USA over the rest of the world is making us great again.  These accomplishments of Trump (fool, liar, idiot, traitor) are dooming the Democrats.  They are running helter-skelter in all directions in hopes of toppling our president.  They openly call for his assassination.  They appear, at this time, to be drifting in the wind.  They are leaderless.  Who knows who calls the shots?  They are a wild pack of dogs without a leader to pull the sled.

My neighbors, way in the backs of their heads, know this.  They see the rainbow of prosperity for them and their kids.  They realize they've been led by the nose for too long.  They understand the black and white arithmetic of their investment balance sheets.  Will they continue to vote against their own interests, their grandkids' futures, sacrifice the safety, security, peace of mind, and confidence in which they are now basking?  Who knows?  Stupidity runs deep.  All we can do is hope for them to recognize the miracle taking place before their very eyes.

Alan Bergstein is president of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County.

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