Somebody tried to blow up Venezuela’s Maduro with a drone and almost succeeded

The genie is out of the bottle when it comes to the use of drones for violence. The United States has been using drones to attack terrorists for years, but the technology has gotten cheaper, and drones now are available online. Yesterday, someone almost assassinated the socialist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, during a military parade. The BBC reports: Mr Maduro was speaking at a military event in Caracas when the alleged attack occurred. Live footage of his speech shows the president suddenly looking upwards - startled - and dozens of soldiers running away. Soldiers marching before explosion Bang!   Screen grabs from BBC The abject disintegration of the military in the face of one explosion does not exactly inspire confidence in their devotion to preserving the socialist system that has ruined the formerly most prosperous country in South America. But maybe the soldiers are so hungry that they were unable to muster the energy to...(Read Full Post)