Reminder post-Cohen: Clintons were experts at silencing women, sometimes with money

The Trump-haters, consisting of the Fake News Media-Democratic Party and NeverTrumps, are unhinged and hysterical in their delusion that President Trump committed a crime by paying two women before the election to silence them about his alleged affairs with them. Michael Cohen, represented by Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis, negotiated a plea where Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and campaign law violations.  Cohen didn't pay income tax on over four million dollars from 2012 to 2016. Attorneys not affiliated with the Trump-haters have criticized the Cohen deal negotiated by Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis.  There was no violation of the campaign laws.  The deal is that Mueller wanted language to damage Trump, and Davis and Cohen obliged Mueller by pleading to a nonexistent crime. The plea seems to benefit Mueller and Trump-haters more than it benefits Cohen.  The purpose is to damage Trump. It is not a crime...(Read Full Post)