Remember how Bill Clinton got re-elected right after Webb Hubbell went to the can?

The commentariat is making a big deal of Paul Manafort's conviction on eight counts of tax fraud and other stuff, as well as former personal attorney Michael Cohen's guilty plea for payoff crimes, saying the path is finally open for their long held dream of impeaching President Trump.  Trump's "day of reckoning" has finally come, howls the Guardian.  Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, say a host of others.  Just look at today's RCP. Well, no. Historically, a president is pretty separate from the doings of his lieutenants.  We've seen that as far back as President Reagan, who had many lieutenants railroaded, most for political, rather than criminal, reasons.  Reagan was re-elected in 1984. The one that really sticks out, though, is Whitewater, which was the white-collar flimflam racket that broke as a scandal during the first term of President Bill Clinton.  As Kira Argounova on...(Read Full Post)