QAnon, weird conspiracy theories, and the media liberals who love them

Everyone except the most cold-blooded rationalist has a pet conspiracy theory. Whether you think the CIA used Oswald to off President Kennedy or the Rothschilds secretly control the weather, there's almost certainly something you believe that defies evidentiary proof, empirical confirmation, or even basic reason.  Life would be dull if all we believed were what has been confirmed by scholarly journals up until this date in the year 2018. (Personally, my favorite conspiracy theory is the rumor that former president Barack Obama is a gay man and his wife Michelle is actually a transvestite.  I mean, have you seen her arm muscles?) Some conspiracies are considered too outlandish by our distinguished arbiters of truth, otherwise known as the media.  At a recent rally for President Trump, by far our most conspiracy-susceptive chief executive, dozens of attendees were observed sporting "QAnon" paraphernalia.  From signs to...(Read Full Post)