Progressives betting the farm on identity politics for midterms

Amid all the talk of strife and bad blood in the GOP, much less attention has been paid to the brutal civil war going on in the Democratic Party. In truth, while the GOP is at war with itself over matters of ideology, the left is in conflict over tactics.  Establishment Democrats, recognizing the golden opportunity to take over Congress in the fall, want to run on an anti-Trump agenda, ginning up outrage over Trump's foibles in order to drive their voters to the polls. But the far left doesn't see it that way.  These leftists believe that the path to victory lies in pushing identity politics and the toxic agenda that comes with it. Washington Times: The liberal push to remake the Democratic Party into a more progressive and diverse political organization will be tested this week in Michigan, where a coalition of grassroots groups has unified behind Abdul El-Sayed's underdog quest to become the nation's first Muslim governor. ... The...(Read Full Post)