Please pray for our president

My heart is heavy with everything happening to our beautiful nation.  I believe that enough faithful prayed with all their might election day in 2016 and that God heard our prayers and granted our request.  We cannot rest in our prayer requests. 

President Trump is being viciously attacked by various satanic, evil groups who desperately want to destroy our nation.  We must every minute of every day pray fervently, asking God to guide and protect our president.  We need to flood heaven with our requests.  As the words in Our Lord's Prayer state, "deliver us from evil." 

Most Bible-readers don't see the United States in Revelation or other end-times descriptions in the Bible.  My thinking brings me to have faith that the coalitions trying to destroy the United States may not succeed, because if they did, the United States would most likely be one of the nations that tries to destroy Israel.  We would be easily identifiable. 

Whether or not this is a possibility, our president needs our prayers.   As others have written, the groups and individuals attacking him practice double standards.  The perverted Clinton killing machine has gotten off scot-free for so many crimes.  The lying, sneering Obama contrivance works in the shadows like a snake.  There are so many in D.C. and elsewhere in our nation contributing to the destruction of the United States.  Only God can save and protect us. 

I'm requesting that readers offer prayers for President Trump and our USA when they get up in the morning, when they go to bed at night, while driving to work or school, during their breaks.  Pray individually, as a couple, and as a family,  every opportunity throughout the day.  Make it a daily habit.  God will hear our prayers.  And we must always remember that it's God's will to be done.  He loves us and will answer our prayers in His way.

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