Peter Strzok's pain

Feel Peter Strzok's pain.  The lad got fired from the FBI, where once he strode the Earth like a colossus.  He was reduced to making cute faces at the congressmen grilling him when he went in front of them to lie through his teeth explain himself.

Now he leaves, apparently with no pension.

He used to be able to lean on Big Jim Comey, behind whose broad shoulders he could squirm, spew sotto voce expletives, and email his girlfriend.  But then Jimmy went and published that book about a higher loyalty, and Petey will look unoriginal if he uses that line.

It just ain't fair.  Little Peter Strzok made it big in an outfit dominated by lawyers, and him with just a puny Master's.  His was a fight for underdogs everywhere, the outsider, the guy who was different but by dint of hard work, determination, courage, and honesty aw-shucked his way to the highest levels of unctuosity.

Something's not right in the world when such a quintessential Horatio Alger story no longer resonates with America.  Just think of Pete's kids!  His poor wife!  His once proud daddy!  All of these will, of course, stand by their man.  Not one will figure he made that bed and now gets to sleep in it.

Nope, it's that mean Trump.  Or the benighted public, all them yahoos with no teeth and a bottle of hard cider on their shoulder.  What do they know about protecting the country? about doing the thankless dirty jobs?  The yokels can't handle the truth!

This sort of thing just shouldn't happen to a Georgetown man.  Over time, Petey will gradually fall out of favor with the smart set.  Victimhood works for a while, but then people get bored with you.  They already know your story.  You couldn't keep your good job.  Invitations will taper off to zero.  He will become a nonperson.

Nope, it just ain't fair.

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