Once again, Trump supporters triumph in primaries

Republican primary voters reflect the rock-solid 90% approval that President Trump consistently enjoys from self-identified Republicans, handing victory to candidate expressing support for him, and defeat to his critics. Meanwhile, Democrat primary voters are trending leftward.  

The Associated Press, bless its heart, came up with a classic headline to describe the outcome of primary elections yesterday in four states:

The unconscious acknowledgment that identity politics is now the be-all and end-all of the Democrats’ voting is priceless.

NeverTrump critics of the president fared poorly.

In Minnesota, former Governor Tim Pawlenty, who denounced Trump as “unhinged”  was handily defeated by almost a 9 point margin in his quest to regain that office by Hennepin County (Minneapolis and some suburbs) Commissioner Jeff Johnson.

In Kansas, incumbent GOP Governor Jeff Colyer finally conceded to Chris Kobach, a hardline opponent of illegal immigration endorsed by Trump .

In Wisconsin, incumbent Governor Scott Walker, a former Trump critic who earned the presidents endorsement Monday, won easy re-nomination, and will face a Democrat closely identified with teacher unions. Another Republican formerly critical of the president.

In Connecticut, Trump is less of an issue than misbehavior/incompetence/unpopularity of the departing Democrat governor and one Congresswoman. Vox:

...the GOP is hoping to capitalize on current Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy’s overwhelming unpopularity — and the state’s struggling economy — to win the 2018 governor’s race. They’re also mounting a vigorous challenge for retiring Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s seat, one she’s vacating in the wake of blowback she faced over how she handled sexual harassment allegations against a staffer.

And in Vermont, Dems’ commitment to “diversity” us on disply with the first-ever nomination of a “transgender” person with Y chromosomes in every cell of his body who nonetheless calls himself a woman:

Christine Hallquist is the former CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative and she’s running on an ultra progressive Socialist message promising a bunch of free stuff.

FOX News reported:

Christine Hallquist made history in Vermont Tuesday night as the first openly transgender nominee for a governorship from a major party in the nation’s history, beating back her Democratic challengers in the state’s primary.

Vermont’s incumbent governor, liberal Republican PhilScott is expected to win an easy re-election, which no doubt will spark recriminations of bigotry.  

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