NYT erases 52 million white people

The liberal media are in such a desperate hurry to change the demographics in this country that they can't wait for rhetoric to match reality.  That's why it's understandable that the New York Times claimed that America is only 60% white.  In case you had doubts, the Times even linked to a U.S. Census website to back up its claim.  How much more authoritative can you be than that?

The only problem is that the webpage the Times linked to does not say the U.S. population is 60% white; it says the U.S. population is 76% white.

You might chalk this up to sloppy fact-checking except for two inconvenient facts:

1. Now that the Times has "come out of the closet" by hiring editorial writer Sarah Jeong, whose specialty seems to be writing all the ways in which she despises white people, every article the Times writes must be viewed through the distortive lens of anti-white bias.  If an article, like this one, could be the result of either an honest error or anti-white bias, it's probably anti-white bias, given the Times' defense of out-and-out racists like Jeong.

2. The whole premise of the article, despicably entitled "Hollywood Is as White, Straight and Male as Ever," requires the population to be 60% white.  The article claims that minority actors are under-represented in films because 70% of acting roles are white.  Only by claiming that whites are 60% of the population can the Times claim that whites are overrepresented in films.  In fact, at over 76% of the population, whites are somewhat underrepresented in films.  

If there are 325 million people in America, and 16% have been erased, that's 52 million white people who have been written out of existence.  They have become "unpeople," whisked out of existence by doublethink.

Liberals want you to think white people are disappearing rapidly, and they are hastening the process by undercounting them every way they can.  It's their way of empowering their favorite victim identity groups, and it's just another example of their hatred of white people.  When they have to resort to lying about verifiable, statistical facts to buttress their race-baiting arguments, it's seems as though their racial hatred has become nearly pathological.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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