NY governor Andrew Cuomo finally recants on 'America was never that great'

Four days after he disdainfully uttered the words "America was never that great" from a podium before an audience of feminists, Andrew Cuomo recanted the offensive declaration.  Despite two days of intense blowback, Cuomo was not able to force himself to utter the words, "Of course America is great."  But he did so without providing any video, using a "conference call" to media.  You can hear the recanting in this news report from New York City's Channel 11, WPIX:

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle transcribes:

During a conference call with reporters Friday, Cuomo dialed it back, saying he does not, in fact, question the country's greatness.

"The expression I used the other day was inartful, so I want to be very clear," Cuomo said.  "Of course America is great and of course America has always been great.  No one questions that."

He continued: "As you know, my family is evidence of American greatness.  My grandparents came to this country as poor immigrants and their son became governor and his son became governor.  That's never been a question."

Of course, he blamed President Trump:

Cuomo reiterated his point while directly and repeatedly criticizing Trump, accusing him of unfairly targeting New York with the federal tax reform and other federal actions. 

What Trump believes is American greatness "is not greatness at all," said Cuomo, who went on to list a number of issues – abortion rights, immigration policy, Trump's response to Charlottesville  – where he disagrees with the president.  "His philosophy is not just repugnant to New York," Cuomo said.  "His philosophy is anti-American.  His vision of America isn't great at all.  Taking children from the arms of their mothers is anti-American.  Americans don't believe in family separation."

This retreat will not help him with the left-wingers attracted to Cynthia Nixon's race for the governorship, nor is it likely to mollify many people who were offended in the first place.

I'd say that in the brotherly competition with Chris Cuomo for the title of the Cuomo Family's Fredo, Andrew holds a narrow lead.

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