NFL obsessed with protesting? Try this

The NFL clearly wants to have it both ways in order to keep its grievance-obsessed players and its patriotic fans delighted with the game of football.  Sadly, in the contest of ideas between the "take a knee" National Anthem protesters versus the patriotic football fans, it appears that the NFL has been unable to find a solution that satisfies both sides.  Our modest proposal is to establish a "protest minute" just before the National Anthem when players and fans alike can promote their favorite causes.  That way, everyone can participate.

The NFL should realize that football fans may feel just as strongly as some players do about the issues facing America.  For example, many football fans are pro-life and would love to express that view publicly by taking a knee before a football game.  Many others undoubtedly feel strongly about fake news or open borders and would like others to know it.  The list of issues is endless.  Setting aside one minute to allow players and fans to join together to take a knee is respectful of fairness, diversity, and inclusion, yet it guarantees support for our National Anthem.  Even the fans at home can participate, so everyone wins.

And then, when the National Anthem starts playing, if any player decides to protest then, there is good cause to fire him poste haste.

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