NAACP's own poll reveals surge in black support for Trump – and they react badly

Dependence on 90% voting support from African-Americans for electoral success is the jugular vein of the Democratic Party.  President Trump's rising support among black voters is correctly seen as an existential threat to the party's – and progressivism's – ability to win national elections.  That's why I thought it was big news last Saturday when Rasmussen proclaimed that black approval of Trump had hit 29%, even though most of the media ignored it for reasons AT readers well understand.

But the surge in black support for President Trump is real – so real that even the far-left NAACP discovered it in a poll, though that poll (perhaps with a differently worded question) put the support at 21%.  Here is a graphic presentation of the result, showing the support for Trump among various ethnicities:

What's a race victimology group to do with this?  Of course, double down on charges that Trump is a racist.  Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner:

The NAACP said in its poll analysis, "Voters across all racial and ethnic groups believe Trump is setting race relations back.  Three quarters of African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans believe Trump is setting race relations back while a small majority of white voters believe so.  Black women (89 percent), in particular, feel disrespected by President Trump."

If calling Trump a racist hasn't stemmed the flow of black support his way, there is no reason to believe that shouting it more will start working.  It's almost as if the groups that purport to represent the interests of African-Americans are really more worried about their own careers.

Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit

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