MasterCard forces funding platform to drop anti-jihad activist Robert Spencer

MasterCard is forcing the funding platform Patreon to drop author and anti-jihad activist Robert Spencer's account.  Breitbart: "My name is April and I'm on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I've been notified by Mastercard that we must remove your account from Patreon, effective immediately," wrote Patreon in an email to Spencer.  "Mastercard has a stricter set of rules and regulations than Patreon, and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing.  This is in line with their terms of service, which means it's something we have to comply by." "I have paid out your remaining creator balance of $475.22 to you via direct deposit," the company continued.  "I'm sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this might cause." Censorship with a friendly smile. As is usually the case, the arbitrariness of the action goes...(Read Full Post)