Lefty compassion run amok for illegal who mowed down cyclist

Bicycles and illegals don't mix on busy city streets in Chicago. No, wait: They actually mix a lot, and that's a problem.

A Chicago bike-safety activist, who made it her business to erect bicycles spray-painted white on city streets where cyclists were killed as a reminder to drivers to look out for cyclists, decided that that issue wasn't all that important in cases where the driver is illegal. Which turned out to be her own assault by an incautious illegal alien driver. In her mind, being illegal trumped the very bike safety she spent time erecting monuments to.

One set of laws for us, another set of laws for them, which is the height of lefty insanity. Here's what Streets Blog Chicago reported:

On Tuesday, July 31, Green was biking home from her job a barista when an elderly female driver struck her in a Lincoln Square bike lane. (Green asked that we not publish the exact location so as to avoid incriminating the motorist.) She was pedaling north when the southbound driver executed a sudden U-turn as the light turned red and hit her. She thinks the driver’s sightlines may have been blocked by a northbound motorist who was turning left.

The cyclist hit the pavement face-first, suffering a gash in her chin that required four stitches, a black eye, and road rash. Her bike was also badly damaged.

Green, who is uninsured, launched a GoFundMe page to cover her medical expenses and lost wages.

After that, the driver, who was here illegally, (and apparently without a driver's license that she might not have been able to get anyway due to the impairments of her advanced age) rushed out of the car and rather than voice any concern for the cyclist she had just dragged across the road and left a bloody mess, alongside her wrecked bike, expressed only thoughts for herself, pleading in Spanish (apparently) that she didn't want to be deported. Never mind about the bleeding woman in front of her that she had just badly injured. It was all about her and the importance of protecting herself from any consequences. 

Instead of calling the cops on such an amazingly selfish person, the lefty cyclist excused her then, and allowed her to go off on her merry way, because she ... wanted to protest Trump.

“I did what I had to… because NO person should be begging for their life and family,” Green wrote. She grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled her off the ground, spilling blood on her yellow dress, then helped her back to the wheel of her car and turned the ignition key for her. Green wrote that as the woman drove away, Green began sobbing.

“I am… diehard believer in [justice for cyclists] to the fullest extent of the law,” she wrote. But she added that she chose not to report the crash and press charges because “my silence became my only weapon against a much bigger war [over] invisible borders carried out and perpetuated by our careless world leaders.”

Now I am not without compassion for a case like this. A couple of decades ago, in San Francisco, I did the same thing when an illegal hit me from a car as I was exiting a street car in the Sunset. The guy was an Irish illegal, and he said he was sorry and didn't make anything of his being illegal as reason not to deport him. I underestimated my bone-jangling injuries at the time and told him it was ok, assuming he didn't have any more money for medical care than I did. Then I went to suffer on my own as the pain got worse. I was young and didn't know much at the time. So I kind of understand.

But this case was much worse because of the obvious unfitness of the driver, and her selfish me-first attitude in the face of live bleeding injuries in front of her, along with the economic and mobility damage to the person she injured.

Ummm, ma'am, it was you that was begging for your life, ripped up and bleeding in the road with a wrecked bike, not her. She'd do fine back in El Salvador or wherever, because plenty of people back home drive like that. Was she really saying she'd be right there with the lawsuit and police report had the driver been American?

What an awful picture. Green released an obviously dangerous driver back onto the road without consequences, free to hit someone else, all because she was illegal. And up until now, she's been a bike-safety activist!

What it shows is that the left considers being here illegally as some kind of shibboleth, some sacred inviolable right that means protection from any consequences of any bad behavior.

The story concludes, not with the illegal or the illegal-American community doing anything to help the injured lefty, (or for that matter, the state doing anything) but the legal American ordinary citizens coming to help her, via GoFundMe. To be honest, I hope she gets the help she needs since she's so feckless. But there's no excuse for releasing a bad driver out on the streets to mow someone else down again. If someone else gets injured by this age-impaired, immigration-impaired lawbreaking woman, she better be right there with the GoFundMe page for the illegal's next victim.

And maybe it's time for one set of laws for everyone. This case shows that the special protections for illegals are not just the work of leftist crazies on city councils and in one-party statehouses, they are also the work of feckless individual lefties.

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