Kris Kobach faces Kansas voters tomorrow in his run for governor

Kris Kobach is running for governor of Kansas in the Kansas primary tomorrow.  He is, quite simply, a man whose time has come.  That's because he's the hands-down expert in these United States on illegal immigration and voter fraud and has been addressing these issues for lo, these many years.  Thus, it would hard to exaggerate the level of support he enjoys here in Kansas.  We Kansans like that.  We like that Kris calls out illegal immigration and does it unequivocally.  We're really proud that our secretary of state has been, Churchill-fashion, sounding the alarm over the erosion of U.S. sovereignty for years and years.  Not being the hayseed clodpates the MSM think us – and I know exactly what they think, because in a previous incarnation, I was a New Yorker, and I thought it too! – we're all well aware that the endless invasion of illegals flooding...(Read Full Post)