In case you forgot: Congress paid millions in hush money to protect politicians

For all those Democrats and the MSM seeking to use Michael Cohen's plea deal to implicate President Trump in the alleged crime confessed to by Cohen, don't forget to use the precedent set by the highly respected institution we call the Congress of the United States of America when you make arguments that Donald Trump was trying to influence an election with a payment to silence his accusers. The following is a list of articles from major news outlets with short excerpts written about members of Congress paying "secret settlements" for everything from sexual harassment to who knows what else – because we really don't know "what else" they did.  It's a secret. The secrecy, or can we say cover-up, is meant to protect the identity of the elected officials involved who need to silence their accusers.  You know, just in case the information might become public and affect their positions in Congress or – wait for it...(Read Full Post)