If a conservative did what Snoop Dogg did, his career would be dead

When an ad for the second season of the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg show appeared on my TV, it annoyed me.  On the surface, one could think, "Who cares?"  But folks, allowing Snoop Dogg to move forward happy-go-lucky with his career confirms the American left's and Deep State's racism and hypocrisy.  It also says these deranged haters are committed to undermining Trump's agenda and removing him from office by any means necessary. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg shot President Trump in the head in his music video with minimal rebuke from leftists and Washington, D.C. elites. Okay, let's say fictional country recording artist Billy Willy shot Obama in his music video.  It is safe to say Billy Willy would never work again.  Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers would put contracts on Billy Willy's life.  Anyone caught listening to Billy Willy's music or wearing his merchandise...(Read Full Post)