Hey, Vox: Surprise! That 'educated' Ohio district went for the Republican

Watching the live Ohio special election results like any political junkie, and looking for news of results from any source I could find, I found myself reading even Vox, the Obama-hipster news operation run by former JournoList echo-chamberist Ezra Klein. Yech. Seems the leftists in bright jelly-bean-colored glasses with laptops in front of them and Starbucks in their hands were fairly confident that the Democratic Party candidate, Danny O'Connor, had the election in the bag.  Not because he was of the moderate type of Democrat that has been winning many of these special elections, but because of this: This district, covering parts of suburban Columbus as well as more rural areas in Appalachia, always sends a Republican to Congress.  Trump won the district by 9 points in 2016.  Cook ranks it as R+7. But this district is a little better educated than Ohio as a whole, which might favor Democrats, and O'Connor has positioned...(Read Full Post)