Governor Murphy, MIA

Back in November, New Jersey elected Democrat Phil Murphy as governor.  It was a rejection of Republican Chris Christie's stupid behavior and not much more.

We thought last November that Governor-Elect Murphy would soon be very unpopular.

Why?  Because New Jersey is another ungovernable blue state.  There are no "blue" solutions for a place like New Jersey.  They need a change rather than more of the same blues that got them into this mess.

So we just found out that Governor Murphy is out of town, or more like out of the country:

His constituents are complaining about the state's crumbling transit system.  His own party wants to strip him of gubernatorial powers.  The soccer team he owns is living in dire conditions, and one of his sons has been in trouble with the law.

What's a newly elected governor with no experience in elected office to do?  He takes a vacation far, far away.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy raised eyebrows last week as he embarked on a swanky 11-day trip to Italy, where he owns a $7 million home he bought during his 23-year stint at Goldman Sachs.

Over the last few months, Governor Murphy joined the resistance, the place where many Democrats go to avoid talking about reality.

Unfortunately, the resistance has no solutions for the crumbling transit system, lousy public schools, cities overwhelmed by debt, taxpayers moving to Texas, etc.

Another blue state beyond repair?  Yes.  I think the governor is telling us that with his "vacation" to Italy.

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