Facebook goes off the deep end again, bans GOP candidate Elizabeth Heng's Cambodian genocide images

Communists have always sought to cover up the crimes of communism.  It started in Ukraine in the 1930s, when New York Times commie-symp reporter Walter Duranty covered up the man-made mass starvation in that part of the Soviet Union, and it's continued today in Venezuela with dictator Nicolás Maduro forbidding photos of empty store shelves and refusing to permit aid to the country's starving people, for fear of the truth getting out.  National Socialists are at least as zealous in seeking to cover up the truth about their Holocaust against the Jews.

So I stare, appalled, as Facebook has been caught censoring the images of the Cambodian holocaust presented by GOP congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng of the Central Valley in a video that can be seen here.

National Review has a detailed story.

Heng's family's origins were in the atrocities of the Pol Pot regime.  It just happens to be part of her personal story, and she most certainly has a right to tell it.

What's more, she's a fresh, able, and interesting candidate, a young Asian-American Republican who represents what the Central Valley really is, and campaigns as her district stands battered by leftists from the Bay Area.  Heng is a protégé of Rep. Ed Royce, the congressman from SoCal who we wish wouldn't retire, and it's significant that Royce has supported her (along with his successful designated successor, Young Kim) in her quest for that seat against political hack Jim Costa, who I argued exchanged his vote for water for his district for his Obamacare vote.  Obviously, Royce knows how to spot talent.  Costa ought to be thrown out by voters for that one.

So censoring her story on Facebook is incredible, redolent of other leftist efforts to erase history.

It doesn't help that Facebook comprises ignorant Millennials who are all in for "socialism."

Even from Facebook's own point of view, is it not a little suspicious that it's coming right after the New York Times excused the racist tweets of Sarah Jeong, another Asian-American woman, as justifiable due to all the anti-Asian trolling she supposedly endured?  Shouldn't Heng also get some consideration?  Why is she being harassed, persecuted, and silenced, while the left-wing racist Jeong is being coddled on the same identity politics grounds?  Doesn't Heng have an identity?  Shouldn't she be able to tell the truth about it?  I would argue that it's downright racist not to allow her to express her identity, while giving free rein to Jeong, who can say anything she wants on identity politics grounds, all because she is left-wing.

Does Facebook get that?  The rest of us do.

What we are seeing here in this move against Heng is absolutely disgusting, a grotesque double standard, and all the more reason for Republicans to make absolutely sure that Heng gets elected to Congress in November.

Facebook really does have an idiotic history of censoring the wrong things.  They've censored Christian crucifixes on "violence" grounds, and they've censored Rubens paintings on "nudity" grounds.  Now they are censoring history on the grounds that it is too violent and giving a Democratic candidate (Costa) an in-kind donation.  We know they like to censor conservatives, because, well, they are "dangerous to the community."

It's another reason why they've got to get out of the censorship business altogether and let Heng speak for herself.

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