Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation

Dinesh D'Souza has released the latest edition of his cinematic view of America, Death of a Nation.  His essential points are reasonable, but he oversimplifies, sometimes distorts, and excludes inconvenient facts.  He contends that America as founded is at risk.  The left argues that this is due to Donald Trump's illegitimate election, but D'Souza correctly blames the radical left.  The agent of this damage in D'Souza's vision is the Democratic Party.

The general theory of Death of a Nation is that the Democrats and progressives are really fascists and not liberals. 

He shows the domination of thought and behavior of Italy between the World Wars via Mussolini; he compares the blackshirt thugs to today's Antifa movement and the Occupy movement.  Further, he tries to show the affinity of the American progressives of the time with Hitler and the Nazis.  Then he argues that the modern Democratic Party founded by Andrew Jackson, who encouraged black slavery, contained racist strands during the 1960s.  This racism was continued after the Civil War by supporting the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws.  He gives credit to Woodrow Wilson for encouraging second-class status for blacks throughout the South.

In D'Souza's 2016 movie, Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, he claimed that the Jacksonian Democrats also supported the American Indian decimation through the Trail of Tears. 

The plain fact is that while some Democrats today are egalitarian, the policies of statism and socialism have created greater dependency and a form of enslavement.  Today, he states, the plantation can be found in cities managed by Democrat mayors.

This is the view of a person who came to this country as a teenager from Bombay.  As a minority in the West and a minority in his country of origin (being a Christian), he has an unusual perspective.  His personal conviction for election laws violations may have embittered him.  President Trump's pardon undoubtedly has given him a new respect for the man.  His personal foibles with a woman other than his first wife cost him his position as president of King's College.  But redemption is possible.

For my part, the takeaway from this movie is D'Souza's warning to the liberal American Jews who support Democrats that this is mistaken.  The ending with a black gospel group singing ("Glory, Glory") implied that he thinks the savior of our nation is the church and religious participation.  Sadly, the pews are empty. 

As an optimist, I trust that Trump will be re-elected.  I expect that the Congress will remain Republican and might gain several seats in the Senate.  Draining the swamp is difficult, since the number of dwellers within Washington is enormous.  The American people elected Donald Trump because too many feared the damage Hillary and her minions would inflict.  There are still enough Americans who wish to keep our Enlightenment freedoms (though imperfectly articulated in the Constitution) and refuse to accept the Marxist view of communalism and classism. 

The future of our nation depends upon teaching civics, capitalism (instead of crony capitalism), and ethics or morality.  This is the job of our parents.  Conservatives, libertarians, and fair minded people must create schools that teach these values.  Liberty does not come cheaply.  In the history of mankind, it is a rare event.  Some of us are not ready to give up our freedom.  Federalism runs counter to statism, but it is not taught.  We cannot expect that educators will do the job of families.  The education system will take away our rights as surrogate parents, for they are the progressives who indoctrinate our youth.

In the Bible, Exodus teaches that the Jews wandered for forty years in the desert.  This allowed the elimination of the generation that lived in slavery.  Today's leaders were the rebels of the 1960s.  We must remember that they have distorted traditional American values through their pampered, self-indulgent youth.  If we as parents inculcate our young with our values, then we can save this nation.  We cannot delegate this critical job.

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