Democrats lose their last talking point against the Trump boom, with wages set to soar

For the Democrats, the booming Trump economy has always been a nightmare. The tax cut was derided as a 'scam.' The company bonuses that came of it in the hands of workers were just 'crumbs.' The jobs boom was blasted as 'reckless.' And the biggest silk purse attempted from this sow's ear of arguments has been the claim that 'wages are stagnant.' The Democrats' socialist 'it girl,' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, made a valiant effort to use that 'narrative' in her calls for 'a living wage.' Well, turns out that last miserable talking point, that one they hoped to use to turn America blue at the midterms, is about to go out the window.  Here's the final blow from the New York Post: Workers will finally be bringing home the bacon — salaries are about to break out of a decade-long slump. US professionals nationwide will soon be taking home their biggest paychecks, as the tightening labor market and...(Read Full Post)