Curbing Uber, comrade Bill de Blasio stiffs New York's working poor

New York's socialist mayor, Bill de Blasio, has always touted himself as the champion of the working man, the little guy, the people of color. After all, he toured the Soviet Union during the bottom of the Cold War in 1983, spent his pricy honeymoon in communist Cuba, and went to Nicaragua to 'serve' the Sandinista communist revolution. So his upcoming move Tuesday, to limit the number of Ubers and Lyfts in New York, in the inevitable comradely style of the Soviet nomenklatura, is going over like a lead balloon among the poor of New York, particularly in the outer boroughs. The socialist's socialist claims he's just trying to cut congrestion and raise the wages of Uber drivers. It sounds so ... socialist. But nobody ever called New Yorkers stupid and what they see really going on is he's cut them off at the knees.  Especially the poor and the little guys. Here's what ran on a Bronx community...(Read Full Post)