CNN's media critic ignores his own network's false story this week about Michael Cohen

Apparently, CNN believes in the memory hole when it comes to its own anti-Trump reports that are later discredited.  Brian Stelter, the former New York Times media writer who moved to CNN and hosts the weekly Sunday program examining the media, Reliable Sources, completely ignored the false story put out, and later retracted, by Lanny Davis, lawyer for Michael Cohen.

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reports:

The host of CNN's media criticism show "Reliable Sources" on Sunday interviewed Carl Bernstein, one of the reporters who wrote a since-debunked story asserting that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen claimed President Donald Trump approved the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

But Bernstein's faulty reporting was not one of the topics of discussion on the CNN show, which is hosted by Brian Stelter.  Instead, Stelter led a panel discussion in which Trump was called a "liar" several times.

This is a strategy known as the "Big Lie" – keep repeating falsehoods over and over again while ignoring factual data that contradict the lie.

CNN has avoided addressing its massive error.  The network has not corrected or retracted the July 27 story.  CNN reporters have not discussed the error on social media, and none of the network's hosts have discussed the story.

The only mention of the Trump Tower allegation came during Cooper's interview of Davis.

CNN's press shop has not responded to several requests for comment.  Stelter also did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why he ignored the story on his show on Sunday.

In a burst of unintentional irony:

During the show, Stelter opened a discussion of Trump's "daily stream of misinformation."

Of course, in the framework Chuck Todd offered yesterday, the problem isn't that CNN reported fake news; the problem is that conservative media reported the truth.  Cue James Earl Jones: "This is CNN."

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