Chelsea Clinton tries to worm her way out of her abortion claims in Twitter exchange with Dinesh D'Souza

Chelsea Clinton has always been a bit of a doofus on the political front, and it's pretty obvious she knows she's stepped in it in her "more abortions, better economy" claim, delivered before a conference of radical leftists.  Here is the Twitter exchange with Dinesh D'Souza: Hi Dinesh- not what I said. Foremost, protecting reproductive health rights protects women’s human rights & health. From 1973-1985, American women’s deaths from abortion declined 5-fold. Reproductive rights are also about women’s economic rights and agency. Not the same as below. — Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) August 18, 2018     Get a load of that denial. Instead of restating her views, which are here, specifically claiming that abortion is a great thing because it added $3.5 trillion to our economy, she changes her argument to the banal talking points of the rabid left about abortion as a...(Read Full Post)