Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull out of office over foisting expensive 'green' power on his nation

Devotion to the global warming fraud has driven from office the head of government of a major democracy.  Facing a no confidence vote from the Liberal Party (which is actually what passes for a conservative party in Australia – the Labor Party is the leftist party Down Under), Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull resigned. Turnbull had lost 40 to 45 what the Aussies call a "spill motion" to short-circuit a leadership ballot in the party.  The party then chose Scott Morrison as new party leader and therefore prime minister in their coalition with the National Party, which holds 16 seats and represents rural areas.   John McMahon comments from Australia: Scott Morrison was the treasurer under Turnbull.  With Morrison as prime minister, the leftist policies of Turnbull will doubtlessly continue.  The vote was close, being 45-40, meaning that Peter Dutton was only three votes away from being P.M. Thus,...(Read Full Post)