Another sob story about illegals falls flat after a murder warrant rolls out

The press is still at it, trying to press a sob story on us about supposedly heartless ICE agents arresting an "undocumented worker" who was driving his wife to the hospital for a pre-scheduled C-section for the birth of her fifth child, because, horrors, he "could be deported."  CBS led its television report that way.

This CBS report video is the one I saw.

The problem here is that the illegal was wanted in Mexico on a murder warrant.  Murder.  Authorities in Mexico are convinced he killed someone, and it must be bad, because they don't enforce all that much on the murder front.

Anyone wanted for murder, regardless of immigration status, is someone long overdue to be picked up by the long arm of the law.  Obviously, the man, Joel Arrona-Lara, 36, who claims he has lived here for 12 years illegally, along with his wife Maria del Carmen Venegas (note that the last names don't match), who spoke absolutely no English for the cameras, and whose lawyer says that she, too, is here illegally, doesn't think that law applies to him.  Because he's here illegally.  The press accounts are pressing that very narrative.

For any American citizen, the rule is, you don't get to pick the time and convenience of your arrest.  If you're wanted for murder, your only job is to turn yourself in.  You stop right there.  You should not be walking the streets, anywhere, in any freedom until the issue is dealt with in court.  Never mind about the wife and the kid; the issue is murder.  So this ICE arrest was hardly a case of heartlessness; it was a case of a suspected killer finally getting apprehended and ICE taking a dangerous criminal off the streets to protect society.  The Mexican murder warrant is the one we know about, because who knows what he's done here, or if he really did spend all twelve of those years here in the States.  Regardless of what he claims about his circumstances or how the media spin it, this guy needed to be rounded up and taken to court to answer charges.

Yet the press thinks this is all about heartlessness.  What we see here is one set of laws for them and another set for us.  The double standard of illegals getting exempt from U.S. law because they are here illegally seems to be the norm, just as the press has pushed the separation of children as a dreadful wrong to illegals breaking into the U.S. illegally when the issue there is the break-in, not the kids.  Any American parent picked up for lawbreaking gets separated from his kids, too, without comment.

The CBS report then sank into really skeevy reporting.

First, CBS also tried to cast aspersions against the ICE claim that there was a murder warrant, as if ICE would actually lie about such a thing in an official statement.  CBS (I use them, but there were a lot of them reporting this story this way) said ICE originally said the man was here illegally and rounded up for that reason and then said, when news of the video got out, it was the murder warrant, as if changing its story.

Here's the proof that ICE was telling the truth: ICE didn't pick up Venegas, who most certainly should have been picked up alongside her husband, if they were just picking up people for being here illegally.  Her own husband's lawyer said she was here illegally on national television.  What's more, she was obviously using public services for the birth of her baby in that very expensive scheduled C-section.  (Pregnancy medical costs and drug rehab are part of the Obamacare mandate and precisely why Obamacare costs are so high among its unwilling buyers.)

No questions from the press, of course, about who got to pay for that medical care.

Then CBS asked the shifty-eyed lawyer for the now busted illegal if he knew of any murder warrant for his client's arrest.  The lawyer's reply was an evasive "no," and he hadn't "verified it," which at a minimum was weasel words.  The lawyer's reply refers only to whether he checked, not whether such a thing actually existed, yet CBS tried to pass that reply off as the final word that the ICE charges are therefore baseless.

Note also that CBS didn't use the term "murder" even though that is the issue.  The network used the clinical "homicide" term and printed the ICE statement, which put that word at the bottom of its statement, as if to make bland the effect and draw attention away from the blaring matter for those who don't read all the way through.

Worst of all, CBS didn't even bring it up until more than three quarters into the story.  If you watch this CBS report, the murder reference gets brought up at 1:17 in the 1:54-minute report.  All the rest is sob-storying, and using that very interested lawyer as their verifier of the facts.

They didn't bother checking any facts of their own on his claims; they just took his word for it.

Is this reporting?  No.  It's propaganda, on behalf of the Democrats, with their big plan to end all immigration law in the name of importing Democratic voters, and the open borders lobby, which has its roots in the interests of the ruling classes of Latin America's crummiest states.

Yet the reporters just keep pouring it on, pouring on the sob-story "narrative," expecting the result to be the same, hoping for another separated children dilemma to strike out at President Trump.  Now they're defending the rights of murderers to stay in the U.S. with no fears of deportation on the grounds that they are in the protected illegals class.

Does this stink, or what?  One can only hope it blows up in their faces.

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