A truly dumb column

People who doubt that Trump derangement runs wild among Democrats and their media allies need to read Chris Cillizza's column listing 36 outrageous Trump lies from a Fox interview.  Three observations are worth making.

There are no lies.  The effort to create a lie leads to hilarious nonsense.  We'll call that Cillizza at his best.  The really important point is that Cillizza joins the club of pundits who are, on some level, realizing that Trump is winning, and that they are losing.

I will not reproduce all 36 "lies."  The link is provided; enjoy.  Here are two "lies" with Cillizza's complete responses.

28. "The immigration laws are horrible. We're doing an incredible job."

Back to back sentences.  Unedited.  No rhyme, reason or connection I can decipher.

29. You know when you have bad laws you can do good.  But you can do a lot better if you had good laws.

[scratches out a series of complex math equations on a yellow-lined notebook] – "Yeah, this checks out."

Neither "lie" conflicts with any facts.  Everyone understands that writing and talking are different.  I can imagine speaking as Trump did.  I write the same thoughts as follows.  "Even though people dealing with the immigration crisis have poor laws to work with, they do a good job.  With better laws, they would do an even better job."  That Cillizza can't comprehend the words as spoken is not a reflection on Trump.

Statements that conflict with our beliefs can evoke any number of reactions.  Some reactions are defensive and are coupled with rebuttals ungrounded in reality.  We surmise that the person wants to hold his belief but is having some doubts.  Here are two examples:

1. 'And I guess you could say that our numbers in winning whether it's for the Senate, or for Congress, or for governor has been very good.'

And away we go!  To be clear: Every traditional predictor of election outcomes suggest Republicans will take a battering in the House and at the governors level.  The Senate, because the playing field is heavily tilted toward Republicans, could be more favorable to Trump's side.

If Cillizza kept up with current events, he might know that Republican chances of holding the House have improved.  A prominent CBS pollster says a blue wave is unlikely.  It's possible that Democrats take the House with an increase of twenty-something seats, but it is also possible that they don't.  That is not a battering, and Trump has access to more favorable numbers.

It is understood that on the generic ballot, Democrats need a five-point advantage to dent the GOP majority.  The Rasmussen poll has the generic ballot at dead even.  Rasmussen screens for likely voters, not registered voters.  When other polls switch to likely voters, their results will likely match Rasmussen's.

11. 'And they put the two counts of campaign violations in there but a lot of lawyers on television and also lawyers that I have say, they're – they're not even crimes.'

Name one.  Seriously.

It's impossible to be serious in accepting such a ridiculous challenge.  Everyone needs to know that Cillizza works for CNN, and he previously worked for the Washington Post.  Here is Alan Dershowitz on CNN saying exactly what Trump alluded to.  

Here is Bradley Smith, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, making the same point in the Washington Post.

Cillizza's loopy article is not proof that he suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  He's always been like this.  The man has editors and peers who publish and tolerate his nonsense.  That group is deranged.  They need to get over it, or they will earn the title "Enemy of the People."

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