Your feel-good video of the day

I'll be frank: I hate thieves.  They steal not just property, but also the time people spend earning the means to buy that property.  That means that they, by extension, steal part of the lives of people, those hours devoted to labor that paid for the stolen property.  I was burglarized once in my life, and I still miss some of the precious things stolen from me, even though it was four decades ago.

Even more than I hate burglars, I hate people who rob stores and intimidate the staff.  They are bullies on steroids, threatening hardworking people in order to steal from their bosses and maybe hurt them in the process.

So when I saw this video from Tulsa (hat tip: Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, who calls it "heartwarming"), I took a perhaps inappropriate level of personal satisfaction, given that I am thousands of miles away and have never myself confronted a thief.  According to the accompanying article, one of the brave workers required 16 stitches from a box-cutter wound.

Many large chains forbid their employees from resisting robbery attempts, probably fearful of liability for injuries to both perps and employees.  I certainly hope that this is not the response of the unnamed restaurant in Tulsa.  These guys are heroes in my book.